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African Giraffe Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring

African Giraffe Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Item# MAKW2

Product Description

African Giraffe Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Hand Made in South Africa.

This beautifully crafted napkin ring is made from Jacaranda wood and pewter elephant head and tail.

The wood has been sealed with varnish. The pewter has been treated so that it is dishwasher safe.

Comes beautifully gift boxed.

Giraffe are browsers, and feed primarily on acacia leaves, but may also eat flowers, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds, new shoots and vines. They feed from the tops of the trees without competition. Their long prehensile 45cm (approximately 17 1/2 inches) tongues are used to grip and pull leaves and pods into the mouth, which are then stripped from the stems with the spatulate incisor teeth. A giraffe can go for more than a month without drinking. They have larger stomachs and longer intestines than carnivorous animals because plant food is less easily digested than meat. The necessity of escaping predators and the handicap of a heavy digestive system have resulted in limb bone adaptations. They have no gallbladder and have the ability to bolt food down and to ruminate it later.