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14ct Gold Small Twist Friendship Rings

African - Hand Carved 14ct Gold Small Twist Friendship Rings
African - Hand Carved 14ct Gold Small Twist Friendship Rings
Item# TJE7

Product Description

African - Hand Carved 14ct Gold Small Twist Friendship Rings

Ring Size:
Width: 1/2 inches across
Length: 1/4 inch in thickness
Weight: 6.58 grams

Hand Crafted in South Africa

These 14ct gold rings have been hand carved with an ethnic design. These hand carved small twist friendship rings are made out of 14ct gold, the seven rings are given to someone very special.

The rings salute the whole personality but allow for focus on those particular attributes most treasured by the giver.... devotion.... generosity.... caring.... understanding.... humor.... strength.... tenderness.... or other precious qualities. They may also however be brought for oneself to be worn as.... luck rings.

The chain is not for sale with the friendship rings, sold separately. .

About Friendship Rings.

The seven rings may be given to demonstrate love or friendship; the purchaser for mystical or lucky purposes may also wear them.

In many parts of the world the number SEVEN is endowed with mystical qualities surpassing those of all others, in parts of Africa, too, SEVEN is a powerful number.

Some African perspectives:

In the Dogon (middle Niger River) cosmology it is the spirit of the SEVENTH of the eight ancestors who is the chief architect of world order.

A mask of the Guru (Côte d 'Ivoire) has numerous scarifications (small flesh cuts that leave raised scars). There are sets of three scars and sets of four – being respectively male and female numbers. These sets of scarifications each, as a group, total seven. This is clearly deliberate, for in the description of this mask it is stated that seven is the number that represents sexual completeness


....... the procedure a man must follow when he vows to devote his life to love ... the magician takes him to a lonely spot where the hyenas live, there to invoke the appropriate spirits, chanting the invocation SEVEN times as he swings a magical bag over the love seeker’s head. Then he beats the supplicant SEVEN times on the buttock with the magical bag.

THE SEVEN RINGS - plain, braided or ethnic - fuse Afro/Euro beliefs.

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