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Hand Dyed Two Girafee with Palm Tree Batik

African Handmade & Hand Dyed Batik  Giraffes & Palm Tree
African Handmade & Hand Dyed Batik Giraffes & Palm Tree
Item# SB4

Product Description

African Handmade & Hand Dyed Batik  Giraffes & Palm Tree

Size of Batik:
Height: 41 inches
Length: 28 inches

Giraffe Batik.
This batik has two giraffes in front of a palm tree, the colors are bright and eyecatching. Batiking is a method of dyeing in which patterned areas are covered with wax so they will not receive the color. The method is used mainly on cottons and in the traditional colors of blue, brown, and red. Multicolored and blended effects are obtained by repeating the dyeing process several times, with the initial pattern of wax boiled off and another design applied before re-dyeing.
The rod is not included. Since all the batiks are handmade no two will ever be exactly the same. All these batiks have tabs/loops sewn on to the top.
The rural population lives within a communal land tenure system administered by the traditional chiefs. A typical homestead includes the main hut of the headman (umnumzane); the huts of this mother, wife (or wives), and children; the kitchen and storerooms; and the cattle enclosure (isibaya) in form and facing east. Cattle are more than draft animals and a source of milk; they constitute a store of wealth for use on social and ceremonial occasions (e.g., labola, or bride price).

The Giraffe.
Giraffe are browsers, and feed primarily on acacia leaves, but may also eat flowers, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds, new shoots and vines. They feed from the tops of the trees without competition. Their long prehensile 45cm (approximately 17 1/2 inches) tongues are used to grip and pull leaves and pods into the mouth, which are then stripped from the stems with the spatulate incisor teeth. A giraffe can go for more than a month without drinking.