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African Hippo Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring

African Hippo Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Item# MAKW5

Product Description

African Hippo Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Hand Made in South Africa.

This beautifully crafted napkin ring is made from Jacaranda wood and pewter elephant head and tail.

The wood has been sealed with varnish. The pewter has been treated so that it is dishwasher safe.

Comes beautifully gift boxed.

An enormous, amphibious mammal with smooth, naked skin. An inflated looking body supported on short, thin legs. Huge muzzle, bigger in males, eyes, nostrils and little ears placed high on the head. Canines enlarged as tusks. Brown to gray purple with pink under parts and creases, short bristles on head, back and tail.

Lives in rivers, swamps and protected areas. Formerly everywhere south of the Sahara where adequate water and grazing occur. Largely confined now to protected areas but still survives in many major rivers and swamps. Hippos need water deep enough to cover them, within commuting distance of pasture. They must submerge because their thin, naked skin is vulnerable to overheating and dehydration. They avoid rapids, preferring gently sloping, firm bottom where herds can rest half submerged and calves can nurse without swimming.