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African lion Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring

African lion Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Item# MAKW3

Product Description

African lion Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Hand Made in South Africa.

This beautifully crafted napkin ring is made from Jacaranda wood and pewter lion head and tail. The wood has been sealed with varnish. The pewter has been treated so that it is dishwasher safe.

Comes beautifully gift boxed.

The lion is the largest African carnivore; it is a sandy to tawny colored cat with white under parts on which females often retain rosettes and spots characteristic of younger animals. Of all the cats, sexual dimorphism is most striking in the lion. Adult males are not only larger than females; they have a mane of ling hair on the side of the face and top of the head, extending onto the shoulders. The mane is usually tawny, but in some individuals it may be almost black, or more rarely reddish or creamy. Males usually weigh 175 - 190kgs and females about 120kgs. The lion has a wide habitat tolerance and is absent only from extensive desert regions and tropical rain forest. Open woodlands and thick scrub provide the best habitat.