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African Pewter Cheetah & Jacaranda Walking Stick/Cane/Staff

African Pewter Cheetah & Jacaranda Walking Stick/Cane/Staff
Item# MAKWS1

Product Description

African Pewter Cheetah & Jacaranda Walking Stick/Cane/Staff
Hand Made in South Africa.

This beautifully crafted walking stick is made from Jacaranda wood and pewter cheetah's head.

The cane is designed for beauty as well as practicality. There is a large handle to grip, and it is finished off with a rubber tip to prevent slipping. The handle is decorated with an cheetah's head that is made out of pewter and the tip is decorated with the cheetah's feet also made out of pewter.

This is an ideal gift or purchase for an cheetah or cane collector, or for someone who needs a cane for medical purposes.

Size:Length: 36 inches Cheetah.

The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal. Over short distances, it can sprint up to 70 miles per hour. Built for speed, it has long, slim, muscular legs, a small, rounded head set on a long neck, a flexible spine, a deep chest, special pads on its feet for traction and a long tail for balance. It is also the only cat that cannot retract its claws, an adaptation to help maintain traction like a soccer player’s cleats. Distinctive black "tear tracks" running from the inside corner of each eye to the mouth may serve as an antiglare mechanism for daytime hunting. Cheetahs are found in open and partially open savannas. The cheetah is basically a solitary animal. At times, a male will accompany a female for a short while after mating, but most often the female is alone or with her cubs. Cheetah mothers spend a long time teaching their young how to hunt. Small live antelopes are brought back to the cubs so they can learn to chase and catch them. Cheetahs do not roar like lions, but they purr, hiss, whine and growl. They also make a variety of contact calls - the most common is a birdlike chirping sound.