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Pewter Dung Beetle Desk Set and Pen Holder

African - Pewter Dung Beetle Desk Set and Pen Holder
African - Pewter Dung Beetle Desk Set and Pen Holder
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Product Description

African - Pewter Dung Beetle Desk Set and Pen Holder
Hand Made in South Africa.

This unique and amazing desktop pen set is made up of a pewter Dung Beetle pushing a dung ball that is made out of tea leaves and resin, all this is resting on a mahogany wood base. This penholder has four rubber stoppers on the bottom to stop scratching when resting on a surface. Will hold any pen.(Pen not included).

Dung Beetles are amongst the most interesting insects. However, there is far more to these insects than is generally know. For example, few people are aware that not all dung beetles roll dung balls. Some of their relatives feed on compost. Dung beetles can play an important role in breaking up dung so that it may be recycled. Many African Dung beetles have been exported to Australia where they were needed to break up dung pads in which flies were breeding.

Dung beetles are distributed from the warmer drier parts of southern Africa north-eastwards to East Africa. It is primarily associated with the coarse-fibred dung of large non-ruminant, herbivorous mammals. For breeding purposes, it buries a large amount of dung thus removing it from access to competitors. The dung mass is converted into several large, spherical brood balls in a subterranean chamber. Each brood ball contains a single egg and is coated in a clay shell. The parent beetles abandon the chamber soon after the eggs have hatched. The larvae feed on the dung, hollowing out the inside of the brood ball as they grow in size. When development is complete, they pupate and emerge as new adults in response to heavy rainfall. It is unclear whether they over winter as immature (third instars larvae) or as adults in southern Africa.

This desktop penholder is truly a melding of art and function.

Comes beautifully boxed with with CAUTION : ANIMALS IN TRANSIT on the box.


Length: 4 1/2inches

Width: 3 1/4inches

Height: 3 inches.