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African Rhino Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring

African Rhino Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Item# MAKW6

Product Description

African Rhino Wood and Pewter Napkin Ring
Hand Made in South Africa.

These beautiful napkin rings are made out of jacaranda wood and pewter.

The ring is made out of solid glass that comes from the Kingdom of Swaziland, the warthog head and tail are made out of pewter that comes from South Africa.

The pewter has been treated so that it is dishwasher safe, the glass is re-cycled from soda pop bottles.

Comes gift boxed.

This is the perfect gift for any home, beautiful as well as functional.

The adult black rhinoceros stands at about 1.6meters at the shoulder and weighs approximately 1000kg. Its overall color is dark gray, but like the elephant and white rhino assumes the color of the soil, in which it rolls. A feature that is distinguishes the black rhino from its close relative; the white rhinoceros is a prehensile top lip, which it uses to snip the twigs off the wooded plants on which it browses. Hence its official name, the hook-lipped Rhinoceros. The black rhino carries its shorter head higher than the white rhino. The two pointed horns are made of keratin, a substance similar to that which hair is made of.