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African - 1500 Piece African Elephant Puzzle

African - 1500 Piece African Elephant Puzzle
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Product Description

African - 1500 Piece African Elephant Puzzle
Made in South Africa.

This unique puzzle is an African collage, of an elephant family reflected in a pool of water. The elephant is a well know and respected member of the Big Five.

The adult male African Elephant is the largest and heaviest of all land mammals, with its long trunk and ivory tusks. The trunk of an elephant is the most fascinating organ. Its muscular trunk serves as a nose, hand, extra foot, signaling device and a tool for gathering food, siphoning water, dusting, digging and a variety of other functions. It is extremely dexterous, able to pick up very fine objects. With it, the elephant is also able to drink and to cool itself off, by sucking water up into its trunk and spraying it out, either into its mouth or over it's back in a shower. It is also used to feed with, plucking leaves and branches off trees, as high as twenty-three feet and picking up grass. It is capable of powerful twisting and coiling movements used for tearing down trees or fighting. The trunk has two finger-like structures at its tip. The tusks, another remarkable feature, are greatly elongated incisors (they have no canine teeth). Tusks grow for most of an elephant's lifetime and are an indicator of age. They are right or left tusked using the favored tusk as a tool, and so, shortening it from constant wear. They are also used in tasks such as digging and stripping trees of bark, but they can make formidable weapons as well. Elephants range widely for food. Their feet are cushioned, acting as shock absorbers thus following the animals to move very quietly for an animal of its size. The weight of the prime bull can be three and a half tons to six and a half tons. Their size is up to eleven feet. They live from sixty to seventy years.

Size of box: Height: 2 inches Length: 14 inches Width: 10 inches

Appoximate Size of Assembled Puzzle: 35 X 25 inches.