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African Mud Cloth 4 place Table Setting with Salad Spoons

African Mud Cloth 4 place Table Setting with Salad Spoons
Item# african-mud-cloth-4-place-table-setting-with-salad-spoon

Product Description

This unique table setting for four is made out a hundred percent cotton that is dyed using the same technique that is used to dye mud cloth. The design and color of this material is traditionally African. The set consists of four lined place mats, four matching napkins and a set of wooden salad spoons with bone inlay in the handles The material comes from West Africa. The salad spoons are hand made in Kenya and the gift set is made up in South Africa. A truly cosmopolitan gift set. Size :- Height : 1 1/4 inches Length : 17 inches Width : 12 inches Weight : 8ozs

The Bushmen known as hunter-gatherers and perhaps the finest of all prehistoric artists were gentle folk who enjoyed the great open spaces in Africa. Long ago before the coming of the more territorial and aggressive Bantu-speaking migrants from the north, the San Bushmen’s range was very wide. The Bushmen were dominant in an immense area stretching from East Africa to the Southern Cape shores and across the continent from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

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