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African Unique Hand Made Tribal Chess Set

African Unique Hand Made Tribal Chess Set
Item# african-unique-hand-made-tribal-chess-set-zulundebele

Product Description

African Unique Hand Made Tribal Chess Set
Hand Made in South Africa.

This chess set is made up of two opposing tribes instead of the traditional black and white pieces the two tribes are the Zulu and the Ndebele.

You can tell the difference with the queens head wear, the Zulu Queen is wearing the traditional Zulu matrons hat and the Ndebele Queen is wearing the traditional Ndebele beadwork on her head.

The materials used in making the chess set comply with international standards, including the wood varnishes. The company that makes them has a comprehensive social responsibility program and is committed to caring for environment.

Each piece is hand cast in crushed stone and carefully hand painted with the best quality water and oil paints with care and attention to authentic detail.

The people who work on the chess sets are artists in the truest sense of the word. The pride they take in their work is unquestionable and their quest remains always to strive for the very highest standards.

The Kings height is 5 1/2 inches

Pawns height is 2 inches

Board Measurements :- Height: 16 inches

Length : 16 inches Width : 4 1/2 inches Weight : 10lbs