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Sterling Silver African Map Pendant with Raised Border

African Small Sterling Silver Map Pendant
African Small Sterling Silver Map Pendant
Item# mixo008

Product Description

African Small Sterling Silver Map Pendant

Size of Pendant
Height: 1 inch
Width: 1/2 inch
Weight: 2 grams

Made in South Africa.

This unique and beautiful pendant was made in South Africa by a jeweler that has managed to combine traditional African with a modern medium. The traditional San or Bushman cave paintings have been used to enhance the sterling silver African map pendant. The antelope and hunter are cut out by hand. It has a raised border.

About Rock Art.

The Europeans who first saw the Rock Art were fascinated but dismissive of their importance. Now days the true value and meaning of their art is being deciphered and appreciated., their art not only shows actual events that happened but are messages full of intricate and complex nuances in the symbols, metaphors and religious meaning.

About the Bushmen.

When 4000 years ago nomads came into contact with the much longer established hunter-gatherers of Southern Africa, they called them San meaning food gatherers. In the 17th century the Dutch colonized the Cape of Good Hope and called the hunter-gatherers of the plains “Boschjemannen” which translates to Bushmen. Bushmen are the longest surviving tribe of Southern Africa they are descendents of the Stone Age people.

About the African Continent

Africa is the second largest continent, occupying about a fifth of the Earths land area. A huge and diverse continent with more than 50 independent countries, Africa contains vast natural resources.

Africa is the second largest continent, after Asia, bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The continent’s total land area is approximately 30,365,000 square km. Africa is cut almost equally in two by the Equator, with the greater part of its territory north of the Equator.

The African continent contains a great natural diversity, from the Sahara desert in Northern Africa to the tropical rain forests in Central Africa; from the arid Sahel belt to the lush islands of the Indian Ocean. African states vary greatly in size; from tiny countries such as the Seychelles and São Tomé and Principe, to the vast states of Sudan and Algeria, and the populous federations of Nigeria and Ethiopia.

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