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Hand Made Authentic Zulu Shield

Zulu Shield  24 inches - Brown with White
Zulu Shield 24 inches - Brown with White
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Product Description

Zulu Shield  24 inches - Brown with White
Size Of Set:
Height: 48 inches
Width: 14 1/2 inches

Size Of Shield: 24 inches

Hand Made in South Africa.

This traditional authentic Zulu shield is made out of brown cured Nguni cowhide with small white patches the inserts are black and white, the shield or pelt size is 24 inches in length, the fur at the top delegates, which regiment they are in and is from springbuck fur.

There are two types of spears:

A.The hunting spear - which has a long shaft and is used by throwing it at the hunted animals.
B. The battle spear - which has a short shaft and a broad blade, is used as a stabbing spear.

Shaka revolutionized contemporary Black warfare by introducing the short stabbing spear to enforce fighting at close combat. This method proved to be so effective that the Zulus were still using it sixty years later in the war against the British. Shaka based the close combat method on the logic that it was ridiculous for a striking force to throw its weapons away, as the Zulus did before his time, by aiming and hurling the longer assegai (spear) at their opponents from longer distances..

Zulu shields, made from ox hide, were used both as a protection and as a method of concealing the weapons the warrior was carrying. To establish uniformity, the cattle owned by each regiment were of the same color as their shields. Specially appointed individuals made weapons and shields and even today, these people are still regarded as specialists in their craft.

Weapons of the shield:.

The weapons behind the shield are the Death Club - Knobkerrie - and Stabbing Spear. When the warriors went into battle they would first use their throwing Spears and then engage in Hand-to-Hand Combat. They would use the short stabbing spear to inflict a fatal stab to the body (very much the same as the Roman Stabbing Sword). Then they would proceed to batter the opponent's skull in with the Knobkerrie!

In training the Zulus used Sticks and they also used them to settle family disputes. In this connection, they were not meant to kill (unlike the warriors), but just shatter a few bones!

This product is being sold for decorative purposes only and is not to be used as a weapon, must be 18 years of age or older to buy this item and in doing so are agreeing to our terms. All our shields have been certified for import by the South African fish and wildlife, and were fumigated before being imported into the United States.