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Shadow Box Frame with Three Ebony Giraffe.

Custom Shadow Box Frame with Hand Carved Ebony Kenayn Giraffes
Custom Shadow Box Frame with Hand Carved Ebony Kenayn Giraffes
Item# SBF2

Product Description

Length: 13 inches
Height: 2 inches
Width: 43 inches
Weight: 4lbs
Shadow Box Description.

These beautifully carved ebony giraffes are hand carved in Kenya, and have then been shadow boxed in South Africa. The frame used is a black carved frame which mimics the ebony wood which the giraffes are carved out of. The giraffes are mounted on a burnt orange background.

Shadow boxes are a unique way to showcase art without taking up a lot of surface space.

In the dry season the giraffe's are hard to find. Food is at a premimum in the savanna's and they do many miles in a day to eat the tops of the acacua trees. They eat from seventy to one hundred and sixty pounds of leaves a day. There are nine giraffe subspecies, all distinguished by color and pattern. Their "horns" made from cartilage and covered with skin. Their ears are relatively small and are always alert. The sex can only be determined once they are adult. They are alway touching either by interwining their necks or their flanks touching. They communicate by bleats, snorts, grunts or whistles. The males grow to about eighteen feet and weigh about three thousand pounds, the female are slightly smaller.