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Wooden Wall Hanging

Hand Carved Zimbabwean Wooden Wall Hanging
Hand Carved Zimbabwean Wooden Wall Hanging
Item# ZWW1

Product Description

Size : Height: inches
Width: 6 inches
Length: 16 inches

Hand Made in Zimbabwe.

This beautiful hand crafted wall hanging is made out of Kiaat wood, this is a beautiful wall hanging of the African big 5, there are African animals carved into the hanging, elephant, lion, rhino, bufflao and leopard. The animals are one on top of the other, almost like a totem, the lion is on the bottom with the leopard on top, then the elephant, rhino and the buffalo.

Kiaat wood is also known as Rhodesian Teak, the color is uniform light brown/red, the grain is close and straight to interlocked and varies from fine to coarse in texture, it has high durability and is easily worked, glues well and takes a fine polish.

The craftsmanship and talent of the artist is apparent in the beauty and majesty of this one of a kind piece