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Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Masaai Boy

Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Masaai Boy
Item# hand-crafted-multi-metal-bust-of-a-masaai-boy

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Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Masaai Boy
The Zimbabwean artist Caspar De Vari creates these multi metal busts. The busts are cast out of various metals copper, brass, aluminum and zinc silver. This piece is signed and numbered and comes with an authenticity certificate, making this unique piece a limited edition. The most incredible thing about Caspers'; work is the fact that he has managed to capture such fine detail in each, from the facial expressions to the texture of a fabric. This statue is of a young Massai boy.

Size : Height : 5 inches Length : 3 inches Width : 3 inches Weight : 1 1/2lbs

Maasai community politics are embedded in age grade systems, which separate young men and prepubescent girls from the elder men and their wives and children. When a young woman reaches puberty, she is usually married immediately to an older man. Until this time, however, she may live and have sex with the youthful warriors. Often women maintain close ties, both social and sexual, with their former boyfriends, even after they are married. In order for men to marry, they must first acquire wealth, a process that takes time. Women, on the other hand, are married at the onset of puberty to prevent children being born out of wedlock. All children, whether legitimate are not, are recognized as the property of the woman's husband and his family.

The pastoral Maasai are fully nomadic, wandering in bands throughout the year and subsisting almost entirely on the meat, blood, and milk of their herds. Their kraal, consisting of a large circular thorn bush fence around a ring of mud dung houses, holds four to eight families and their herds. Polygymy is common among older men; wife lending occurs between men of the same age set. Marriage involves a substantial bride price in livestock.