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Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Xhosa Male

Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Xhosa Male
Item# hand-crafted-multi-metal-bust-of-a-xhosa-male

Product Description

Hand Crafted Multi Metal Bust of a Xhosa Male
The Zimbabwean artist Caspar De Vari creates these multi metal busts. The busts are cast out of various metals copper, brass, aluminum and zinc silver. This piece is signed and numbered and comes with an authenticity certificate, making this unique piece a limited edition. The most incredible thing about Casper's; work is the fact that he has managed to capture such fine detail in each, from the facial expressions to the texture of a fabric. This statue is of a Xhosa man.

Size : Height : 4 1/2 inches Length : 3 1/2 inches Width : 3 1/2 inches Weight : 1 1/2lbs

The Xhosa are often called the 'Red Blanket People'. The name Xhosa is a generalized term for a diversity of proud clans, the Pondo, Bomvana, Thembu and the Xhosa tribe itself. Red and the orange of ochre were the traditional colors of the Xhosa, Thembu and Bonvanan (the red ones).

The Xhosa language is one of the most fascinating in all of Africa, with its many clicks of the tongue. There is a song called the Click song, which has all the clicks, included in its words. A lot of towns and villages have been given Xhosa names like Lusikisiki, which means the noise that the wind makes while rustling through the grasslands. Umtata, which is on the bank of the Mtata River, derived its name form the phrase 'mthathe Bawo' or 'take him Father' used in river-burial ceremonies accorded to the Pondo chiefs.