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Hand Crafted Multi Metal Statue of a Masaai Girl

Hand Crafted Multi Metal Statue of a Masaai Girl
Item# hand-crafted-multi-metal-statue-of-a-masaai-girl

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Hand Crafted Multi Metal Statue of a Masaai Girl
The Zimbabwean artist Caspar De Vari creates these multi metal busts. The busts are cast out of various metals copper, brass, aluminum and zinc silver. This piece is signed and numbered and comes with an authenticity certificate, making this unique piece a limited edition. The most incredible thing about Casper's work is the fact that he has managed to capture such fine detail in each, from the facial expressions to the texture of a fabric. This statue is of a Massai boy.

Size : Height : 4 1/2 inches Length : 2 inches Width : 2 1/2 inches Weight 1 1/2lbs

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