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Hand Woven Swazi Table Setting for 6 in Hunter Green

Hand Woven Swazi Table Setting for 6 in Hunter Green
Item# hand-woven-swazi-table-setting-for-6-in-hunter-green

Product Description

This beautiful hand woven table setting is made in the Kingdom of Swaziland. The grass is cut and dyed hunter green then woven into place mats, and a decorative basket. The whole set is beautifully boxed and comes with six mini candles in hand made pottery candle holders. The set consists of :- Color - Hunter Green 6 x Place Mats 6 x Candles 1 x Basket 2 x Trivets Size :- Height : 2 1/2 inches Length : 14 inches Width : 14 1/2 inches Weight : 4lbs

The Swazi's are a Bantu speaking people who are predominantly Nguni in language and culture. They originate from east central Africa. As part of the Nguni expansion southwards, the Swazi crossed the Limpopo River and settled in Southern Tsongaland Mozambique in the late fifteen century. Their leader was Dlamini, a man of Nguni background. After 200 years, the Swazi still under a series of chiefs of the Dlamini clan, moved into the region on the Pongola River where they lived in close proximity to the Ndwandwe

The Swazi Warrior Dressed gaily in patterned cloths (emahiya) with loin skins and anklets, decorated with feathers and beads. Carrying a knobkerrie and a traditional shield for defense purposes. In early days the army/warriors were needed to suppress any form of rebellion from configured tribes, protect the King and nation from rivals and external attacks. Nowadays they do tasks associated with the incwala ceremonies.