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Hand Woven Swazi Table Setting for 6 in Natural and Black

Hand Woven Swazi Table Setting for 6 in Natural and Black
Item# hand-woven-swazi-table-setting-for-6-in-natural-and-black

Product Description

This beautiful hand woven table setting is made in the Kingdom of Swaziland. The grass is cut, cured natural then woven into place mats, and a decorative basket. The whole set is beautifully boxed and comes with six mini candles in hand made pottery candle holders. The set consists of :- Color - Natural 6 x Place Mats 6 x Candles 1 x Basket 2 x Trivets Size :- Height : 2 1/2 inches Length : 14 inches Width : 14 1/2 inches Weight : 4lbs

The rural population lives within a communal land tenure system administered by the traditional chiefs. A typical homestead includes the main hut of the headman (umnumzane); the huts of this mother, wife (or wives), and children; the kitchen and storerooms; and the cattle enclosure (isibaya) in form and facing east. Cattle are more than draft animals and a source of milk; they constitute a store of wealth for use on social and ceremonial occasions (e.g., labola, or bride price).

About 2.000 years ago groups of Bantu speaking peoples (Nguni, Sotho and Tswana) moved southward across the Limpopo River. They cultivated crops, kept livestock (sheep and goats), used pottery and smelted iron hence their designation as Early Iron Age peoples. At a later date cattle were introduced. These people are recorded at Ngwenya, where the mining of iron ore has been dated to about 400. During the following centuries the more attractive areas of Swaziland were settled by these ancestors of the Nguni and Sotho clans, whom the Swazi encountered in the late 18th and early 19th centuries