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Grape Colored Frame with Funky Safari Animals

Hand Painted Photo Frame with Funky Safari Animals
Hand Painted Photo Frame with Funky Safari Animals
Item# PF30

Product Description

Hand Painted Photo Frame with Funky Safari Animals

Size of Frame:
Height: 10 ¼ inches
Length: 8 ¼ inches
Width: ½ inch

Photo Frame Description.
We believe that cherished photo memories deserve a fun and creative home in our unique hand painted funky photo frames, each frame is hand painted using fun funky African animals, or eye catching ethnic patterns. These frames are the perfect accessory for any room.

This frame was made by a job creation project, each frame is hand designed and painted and therefore unique. By supporting this product you will be contributing to the upliftment of previously unemployed people.

This photo frame is perfect for showing off your pictures and photos. Photos are captured memories that grasp a fleeting moment in time, and should be framed in a frame that is as unique and special as the memories.

Bring new life to your memories with this unique hand made frame from Africa. This frame is made from wood that has been hand painted with a funky African animal scene.

The frame is grape, the scenes painted are funky African safari animals, the colors used to paint the scenes are bright and vivid, on the bottom is a safari vehicle with a zebra and elephant riding in the vehicle while observing the animals on either side, on the left side is a rhino wearing a pith helmet, and on the right is a lion parting the long grass and peeping through, on the top is a hippo driving a car, with a couple of giraffe in the trees on the side of the road. Patterns and colors may vary slightly as it is made by hand, the quality and integrity of the product will never vary.

This frame is made for a 5” X 7” photo; this frame has been painted in such a way that it can only be used horizontally.

This frame has been made to be displayed on a table or counter.

The perfect frame is nearly as important as the photo itself, the frame serves as an attractive accent to your photo, drawing attention to the attention to the details in the photo, while complimenting the décor of the room where it is being displayed

A picture frame is a great gift to give almost anyone including yourself, add a meaningful photo to make the gift personal, but added to one of our hand made frames takes the thought and gift to a whole new level.