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Large Pondo Baker Candle

Large Hand Crafted Ethnic Tribal African Pondo Baker
Large Hand Crafted Ethnic Tribal African Pondo Baker
Item# LAWC8

Product Description

Large Hand Crafted Ethnic Tribal African Pondo Baker
Candle Size:
Height: 13 ˝ inches
Width: 2 ˝ inches
Length: 13 ˝ inches
Hand Crafted in South Africa

The whole disk is the candle, when lit it burns down the center leaving two wings, thus the candle is known as an angle wing candle. The candle has a bronze finish and comes boxed with the stand underneath.

About the Pondo

Pondoland is named after the Pondo people. This is the area of South Africa that includes the South Eastern seaboard of Cape Province. The Pondo people speak Xhosa, a language spoken by approximately 18% of South Africa’s population. Although the Pondo speak Xhosa, the Pondo people are in fact the descendants of refugees who fled from the north several hundred years ago.

Even though the Pondo people have incorporated some modern innovations, their lives remain relatively unchanged from that of four or five hundred years ago. They still live in their round, thatched houses. These are still built with the doorway to the east so as to catch the first rays of sunlight each morning. They create incredible craft work, including ‘Pondo baskets’ and awesome bead work.

Traditional colors are very important to the Pondo. You’ll find that pale blue is the dominating color in celebratory clothing for adults, and red or orange for children. The style of beading known as "Pondo stitch" was first found amongst antique bead work that was made by the Pondo tribe. This stitch has since been found in work made by other peoples at various times.