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Large Zebra Candle

Large Hand Made African Zebra Candle
Large Hand Made African Zebra Candle
Item# LAWC6

Product Description

Large Hand Made African Zebra Candle
Candle Size:
Height: 13 inches
Width: 2 inches
Length: 13 inches
Hand Crafted in South Africa

This candle is of a zebra, the whole disk is made out of wax and when lit burns down the center and leaves two wings, thus these are known as angel wing candles. Boxed with stand.

About the Zebra

The most common species of Zebra found in Africa is the Plains/Burchell's Zebra. Other species found are the very rare and endangered Cape Mountain Zebra; Hartmann's Zebra (a subspecies of mountain zebra) found mainly in Namibia; Grvys zebra, found mostly in Kenya.

Related to the horse, a Burchell's Zebra is of stocky build with wide black and white stripes that run diagonally and lengthways on the rump and continue on to the belly, all the way down to hooves. The mane is upright and striped to match the neck. The tail is striped with a dark tassle. Zebra stripes are as individual as a human fingerprint.

Grvys zebra has narrow stripes set closely together. Horizontal stripes on the haunches, shoulders, and legs are short and fine and extend all the way down the legs to the hooves. The mountain zebra has wider stripes than the Grvys zebra, particularly on its rump.

On both Grvys zebra and the Mountain Zebra the undersideof the belly is completely or mainly white, which differs from the Plains/Burchell's zebra whose stripes wrap around from the back to the belly.

Zebra's, although nervous and jumpy, are a very sociable animals and generally found in large herds with other herbivores such as antelopes, wildebeest, giraffe and buffalo.

Zebra are exclusively grazers, eating over 50 different species of grasses. The Plains/Burchell's Zebra lives throughout the grasslands, savanna, and scrub of East Africa, reaching as far as Angola in the west generally in close proximity of a permanent water source. Grvys zebra lives in grasslands and thorny scrublands on the borders of northern Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. The mountain zebra lives in the high ground of South Africa, and in the coastal hills of Namibia and Angola.