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Sterling Silver hand carved African pendant with a giraffe and an antelope.

Oblong  Sterling Silver  Bushman Art Pendant
Oblong Sterling Silver Bushman Art Pendant
Item# MIXO002

Product Description

Oblong  Sterling Silver  Bushman Art Pendant
Height: 1 1/4 inches
Width: 1/2 inch
Weight: 2.4 grams

Hand Crafted in South Africa

This unique pendant was handmade in Johannesburg by a jeweler who grew up in Soweto, after studying the art of jewelry making, he then decided to combine the modern mediums with ancient African mediums; the result is a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

This oval pendant is made of sterling silver with San art cut outs. This art is typically seen inside caves. Each figure has been painstakingly cut out by hand.

About the Bushmen.

When 4000 years ago nomads came into contact with the much longer established hunter-gatherers of Southern Africa, they called them San meaning food gatherers. In the 17th century the Dutch colonized the Cape of Good Hope and called the hunter-gatherers of the plains “Boschjemannen” which translates to Bushmen. Bushmen are the longest surviving tribe of Southern Africa they are descendents of the Stone Age people.

About Rock Art.

The Europeans who first saw the Rock Art were fascinated but dismissive of their importance. Now days the true value and meaning of their art is being deciphered and appreciated., their art not only shows actual events that happened but are messages full of intricate and complex nuances in the symbols, metaphors and religious meaning

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