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Hand Crafted Recycled Crocodile Photo Frame

Hand Crafted Re-cycled African Crocodile Photo Frame
Hand Crafted Re-cycled African Crocodile Photo Frame
Item# PF22

Product Description

Hand Crafted Re-cycled African Crocodile Photo Frame

Size of Frame:
Height: 7 inches
Length: 9 1/2 inches
Width: ¼ inch

Photo Frame Description.
Simplicity, durability and versatility are a few of the reasons why metal photo frames are so popular, ours has the added bonus of being unique and green, the frames are made from recycled metals.

This photo frame is perfect for showing off your pictures and photos. Photos are captured memories that grasp a fleeting moment in time, and should be framed in a frame that is as unique and special as the memories.

Bring new life to your memories with this unique hand made frame from Africa. This frame is made from recycled scrap metal that has been individually hand cast in traditional sand moulds, it is then hand polished by craftsmen.

This frame has been made out of metal, there are three crocodiles standing next to each other, and each crocodile is a frame for a photo.

This frame is made up of three round openings for photos, the openings are 2 ¼ inches round. The frame has been made to sit vertically

This frame has been made to be displayed on a table or counter.

The perfect frame is nearly as important as the photo itself, the frame serves as an attractive accent to your photo, drawing attention to the attention to the details in the photo, while complimenting the décor of the room where it is being displayed.

The Nile crocodile is found throughout Africa. Large, lizard shaped reptile with four short lets and long muscular tail. The hide is rough and scaled. Juvenile Nile crocodiles are dark olive to brown with darker cross bands on tail and body. Adults are uniformly dark with darker cross bands on the tail.

Up to seventy percent of the adult diet is fish. Other prey items may include zebras, hippos, porcupines, pangolins, and migrating wildebeest,

Sexual maturity relates to size. Males are mature at about ten feet, approximately ten years of age, females at about six and a half feet, approximately ten years of age.

Females nest in November and December on sandy shorelines, dry stream beds, or riverbanks. A female can lay twenty five to one hundred eggs, which she covers with sand, then guards until they hatch three months later.

The average life span is about forty-five years in the wild, may live up to eight years in captivity.

Found throughout tropical and southern Africa and Madagascar, in rivers, freshwater marshes, estuaries, and mangrove swamps.