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Handmade & Hand Polished Soap Dsih

Recycled Aluminum Scallop Soap Dish
Recycled Aluminum Scallop Soap Dish
Item# SD1

Product Description

Recycled Aluminum Scallop Soap Dish

Size of Soap Dish:
Height: 4½ inches
Length: 5½ inches
Width: ¼ inch

Scallop Soap Dish Description.

This soap dish is made from aluminum. It is handmade in Africa. The metal castings are producted in a rural foundry using techniques handed down from generation to generation and are entirely hand polished.

Scallops Description.

The South African scallop, Petén sulcicostatus, is a species of large scallop or saltwater clam. They are marine bivalve molluscs in the family Pectinidae, the scallops.
Distribution of This species is found around the South African coast, from the Cape Peninsula to Port Alfred, subtidally to at least 24m of water. Description This animal grows up to 100 mm in length. It has a strongly ribbed shell, with the lower valve curving outwards and the upper valve being flat.
The base of the shell has a pair of ear-like protrusions which are equal in size. Individuals of the species have many eyed tentacles which extend outside the shell unless the animal is alarmed. The color is pale, though it may shade through pink to brown.
The South African scallop is usually seen lying on sand or mud surfaces. If disturbed, it can swim by clapping its valves together.